On October 15th, you will participate in an exceptional rally of regularity, gathering classic and modern, for Aston Martin, McLaren and other amazing brands, under the aegis of Pegasus group.

You will spend a wonderful day in the company of BRUNCH & DRIVE alongside enthusiasts of beautiful mechanics on a course combining plains and mountains without equal …

… so let’s see what awaits you.

This new type of rally is a « regularity rally » that will be split into two parts: the WARM’UP in the morning to test and train you and, after lunch break, the afternoon will be dedicated to the real CHALLENGE!

At the end of each session you will be ranked according to your performance, namely your differences between the average speed chosen and that actually performed. Be careful copilots, it’s up to you!

9 hours : welcome at Pegasus automotive group. Route de Saint Cergue, 298- CH-1260 Nyon Handing out to each crew your bag containing
  • The rally plate (to be fixed at the front)
  • The two adhesive door numbers
  • The pilot’s T-shirt (to put on of course)
  • The co-pilot’s T-shirt (to put on of course)

Enjoy coffee and croissants while you install all this stuff on your racing cars, with the help of our Brunch & Drive team.

9.30 hours : GRAND BRIEFING before departure You receive the access code to the morning session of the GranTrofeo app (App that you already downloaded the day before following the email you received ). The Brunch & Drive staff gives you the final recommendations and comments on the route to follow. Recommendations
10 hours : START YOUR ENGINE for Warm ‘up Departure : one crew every minute.
  • You leave the Pegasus garage and the app takes you to the beginning of the first section where you will establish your speed average.
  • Be careful you will have the top at the end of this section, but it is up to you to calculate your average speed (stopwatch and Tripmaster are perhaps useful…)
  • 2nd and 3rd sections: you will know the top at the start but never at the end of the section… it is up to you to keep a close eye on your average speed to always be as close as possible to the reference average speed you have calculated in the 1st section!

HELLO! 13 hours lunch break by a lake (??)

Debrief of the Warm’ up and ranking of crews while enjoying a nice lunch in a rural setting by the water.

14.30 hours: re-START YOUR ENGINE for the Challenge!

Be careful now it is serious, it is the one that counts for the final classification… a departure every minute.

Same principle as this morning

– a section to establish the reference average speed – two sections to be covered as close as possible to the reference average speed

17.30 hours RE-OUF

ARRIVAL in Gstaad (I didn’t say anything …hush)

After nearly 400 kilometers drived in our beautiful alpine mountain landscapes and this exhausting day (for your cars!) a little rest around a drink (or two…)

Aperitif on the terrace

(if the weather is always nice…)

Ranking Announcement and

Awards to the best crews

(and maybe also surprise prices?)

From 7pm DINNER at the hotel with all our guests to close this beautiful day.




Before you leave

  • Remember to refuel before leaving,
  • Make sure your smartphone is loaded,
  • If you don’t have the option to plug your smartphone into your car, a phone charger will be welcome. Just think this is your Road Book and we’re gone for a few hours.
  • Don’t forget the tripmaster apps and the stopwatch (it might save you some trouble !)
  • All our rallies take place on open roads, so we respect the traffic regulations.
  • And don’t forget your head and …especially your good mood!

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